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Triple M Melbourne Hot Breakfast Interview


Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash
Minister for Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business


Subject/s: MySkills website, small business

EDDIE MCGUIRE: Michaelia Cash is the Minister for Employment, Skills, Small and Family business, and she joins us this morning. Good morning Michaelia. How are you?

MINISTER CASH: Good morning, Eddie. Good morning, Luke. Absolutely fantastic and thanks for having me back on the show.

EDDIE MCGUIRE: Great to have you on because at the moment, you're the Minister for good news as far as getting a job is concerned. And this morning we're talking about people who need to up-skill, and do it from home. And while they're sitting at home saying she's on board, there's a real opportunity to do something pretty good. So just give us the insight into what you're trying to achieve today, Michaelia.

MINISTER CASH: Okay so as you’ve exactly said Eddie, COVID-19 it has completely changed the way we work, we train, we study. People are actually now looking for more opportunities to get their training done online. So, what we've done as a Government, we've worked with registered training organisations and we now have around 2,000 vocational education and training courses that you can do online.

So, what we've done today is we have relaunched the MySkills website. Plug in what you'd like to do, the location in which you'd like to do it and it will bring up for you the courses that you can now do online. So, a little bit like last week we talked about the Jobs Hub, this is giving people as many opportunities as they can to up-skill themselves whilst they were at home during COVID-19.

LUKE DARCY: And Michaelia, I like this because there are some areas that are going to be growth areas almost immediately. And the top 20 current courses people looking at, you’ve sent through the list, and you can do a certificate for – in training and assessment, government investigations, diploma of committee service, diploma of nursing, pathology collection is going to be huge, community services. And the list goes on and on.

EDDIE MCGUIRE: Sterilisation services, Darce. That’s one I’ve never heard of before.

LUKE DARCY: That’s going to be good.

EDDIE MCGUIRE: Yeah, that’s right.

MINISTER CASH: Yeah, and that’s literally as a result of COVID-19. So, when you look at what you can do, you can do a certificate one in construction, a certificate two in business, you can do project management, you can do accounting, you can do hospitality, and you can do nursing. There are so many different courses – 2,000 courses that you can do online. And you can actually do – this is a really interesting stat – over 1000 VET qualifications and skill sets, you can actually now do them completely online. You literally don't have to leave your home.

So, this is all about responding to the environment that, you know, we now live in and we will we be living in for a while. So, we've got the Jobs Hub, and now we have the MySkills website. But what we've also done on the MySkills website is we've linked it to our Skills Match tool. That's a fantastic tool for Australians who think, you know, I might like to do something else but I'm really not sure what I'm qualified to do. Plug in what you're currently doing and guess what, the Skills Match tool will actually tell you what transferable skills you have and what other jobs might be out there for you.

EDDIE MCGUIRE: The certificate for – in train driving is here, Michaelia, and I believe train driving is actually one of most popular courses.

MINISTER CASH: That's exactly right. And again, there are opportunities out there, and sometimes there are opportunities in which we wouldn't normally think there's an opportunity. But the transport, the logistics, et cetera – a lot of opportunity there. And train driving is now one of the most searched online jobs.

LUKE DARCY: I have to put my hand up, Michaelia. I actually drove a tram in Melbourne once, many years ago.

MINISTER CASH: Oh, fantastic.

LUKE DARCY: Very, very proud of my efforts, Michaelia. It was a promotion for the board, I think, it was sponsored by Metro or whoever they were at the time. And good job Michaelia, I always thought that might have been something I could fall back on, Ed, if the time came up.

EDDIE MCGUIRE: Yeah, I also saw you driving a car in the Celebrity Grand Prix, it ended up on its roof – so I'm not sure that's really the way I want to see you go. But anyhow.

LUKE DARCY: Glass half full, glass half empty, Michaelia. You choose.

EDDIE MCGUIRE: This is great. So, this happens today, Michaelia, and people can go to…

MINISTER CASH: Absolutely. It launched this morning and all you need to do is quite literally Google MySkills – capital M, capital S – it'll take you straight through the website, and on that website is very easy to use. I believe in simplicity, simplicity, simplicity. And as I said, 2,000 VET courses.

The good news is, we're working with registered training organisation and we're going to bring as many as we can online for the thousand VET qualifications. You can now gain them fully online and I think that really does assist people who are sitting at home and thinking, what can I do with my time whilst I'm at home. And upskilling, reskilling, getting a new qualification is something that very much we would endorse as the government.

EDDIE MCGUIRE: Very much so. Well we’ve got all the kids doing it at – on school at the moment. Michaelia, one final question – you guys have vetted these posts, because there's been some dodgy online courses over the journey.

MINISTER CASH: Oh absolutely, Eddie. No, no, no. These are absolutely, they go through the entire vetting process through the Australian Skills and Quality Assurance process. So absolutely, these are the ones that are 100 per cent ticked off by the government. And that's a great question because unfortunately many years ago we had a lot of problems with providers – we have cleaned up that mess, and these ones 100 per cent good to go.

LUKE DARCY: Michaelia, might get you back on another time. I’m keen to chat to you as we go on about the small and family business part of your portfolio as well and what we’re seeing there.

MINISTER CASH: Oh I would love that. You know, there's a lot of bad news out there. I talk to small and family businesses you know – all day, every day – and I'd love to talk to you about those stories of resilience, those stories of hope, those stories of people just saying, ‘Michaelia, what can I do to back in my staff every step of the way? What can I do to get my business through this? To grow my business and have it emerge stronger on the other side?’

EDDIE MCGUIRE: Yeah. It's a growing industry small business. A lot of them used to be big businesses and now they’re small. But we've got to get them going and with your support. And I really think this is fantastic, Michaelia. People who've been in the business for a long time, you forget about upskilling and training and things like that – and now, if you’re stuck at home here’s the chance.

LUKE DARCY: Yep, great idea.

EDDIE MCGUIRE: The kids are all doing their schooling on the kitchen table, you may as well get on there and pick up something from training. Government investigations, community services, nursing, counselling, sterilisation services, accounting and bookkeeping there's a certificate four there, non-emergency patient transport. So, all sorts of different things, and as I mentioned, train driving. Michaelia, great initiative, and good luck with it, and we'll talk to you soon.

MINISTER CASH: I look forward to it. Thanks Eddie, thanks Luke.

EDDIE MCGUIRE: Good on her. Michaelia Cash.