Release type: Transcript


Sunrise Interview


Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash
Minister for Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business


Subject/s: JobKeeper wage subsidy, Jobs Hub announcement

NATALIE BARR: Well, job seekers are getting help to find a job with the launch overnight of the Federal Government's new Jobs Hub. For more, Minister for Employment Senator Michaelia Cash joins me from Perth. Morning to you, Michaelia. Why has the Government decided to launch this website?

MINISTER CASH: Good morning, Nat. Because it’s all about ensuring that where there are jobs available, we are connecting Australians to them. Nat, we know that so many employers have had to reduce their workforces because of the impact of COVID-19 but there are some industries where demand has actually increased and these employers are looking for workers.

We want to make it as simple as possible for Australians to connect with these jobs. All you need to do, it was launched last night, is Google ‘Department of Employment Jobs Hub’, the webpage comes up, click onto jobs hub, and it will take you to jobs that are currently in demand and you can go as far as looking for a job in your particular local area. We want to see as many Australians as we can connect with the workforce and this is a really simple and practical way of doing that.

NATALIE BARR: So, how is this going to be different to other jobs websites out there?

MINISTER CASH: Look, I would like to see as many jobs websites as I can, but so many people at the moment they are directing themselves to government websites. We have collated all of the jobs that are in demand, but also we are able to scrape around 3,000 sources. So, we have quite literally up-to-date information on what jobs have actually been advertised and are being advertised and it is updated on a weekly basis.

Again, Jobs Hub, we want to make it as easy as possible for Australians who are looking for work to connect directly with those employers who are experiencing a demand for their services, connect them and get those Australians into the jobs.

NATALIE BARR: Because we’ve all seen the Centrelink queues, you know, I’ve stood there and talked to people, and that’s horrific. What are the latest figures on Australians out of work because of the coronavirus? And how many jobs are actually being created right now?

MINISTER CASH: It’s a really good question. So, there’s around 26,000 jobs that are currently advertised on the website. There is around 50,000 in the last few weeks. And as I said, this is going to be updated on a weekly basis so they are real jobs that employers are recruiting for. In relation to the number of Australians unemployed, this will now fundamentally change as a result of the announcement of the JobKeeper Payment. This was a game changer in terms of ensuring that employers and employees are able to maintain that connection over the next up to six months.

So, yes, whilst we have hundreds of thousands of Australians who have lost their jobs, what they will now be able to do, their employers need to nominate, they will be able to maintain that really important connection with their employer. So after we get through this- and we will Nat, we will get through this crisis, businesses are able to step up and get back to doing what they do best, with their workforce intact, as quickly as possible.

NATALIE BARR: Okay. Michaelia, thanks very much for your time.