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Labour force figures - March


Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash
Minister for Employment
Minister for Women
Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for the Public Service
Senator for Western Australia

ABS Labour force figures released today show there are more Australians in work than ever before, underlying the Turnbull Government’s strong economic credentials and its commitment to creating jobs for all Australians.

Seasonally adjusted employment rose by 60,900 in March, exceeding all market expectations, to stand at a record high of 12,059,600.

Importantly, seasonally adjusted full-time employment surged in March by 74,500 to stand at a record high of 8,238,600.

Over the past six months, the economy has generated 158,700 full-time jobs. There are now more men and women in full-time jobs than ever before.

Part-time employment declined by 13,600 over the month to 3,821,000 but has increased by 78,100 (or 2.1 per cent) over the year.

Despite the robust increase in employment, the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate remained steady at 5.9 per cent. This is a result of stronger labour market conditions encouraging more entrants into the labour market, resulting in a 0.2 percentage point increase in the participation rate which rose to 64.8 per cent.

Minister for Employment, Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash, welcomed today’s positive full-time jobs result, which underscores the success of the Government’s economic management and unwavering focus on stimulating job creation.

"For the first time in history, there are over 12 million Australians employed in Australia,” Minister Cash said.

"We are seeing record numbers of full-time jobs being created and, encouragingly, more Australians are participating in the labour market as conditions improve.

"Since the Government came to office in September 2013, the economy has created 593,900 jobs, remembering that this has occurred during a time when the Australian economy is undergoing a significant transition.

"The Turnbull Government is implementing a comprehensive policy to grow the economy, assist businesses to create jobs and assist workers into those jobs.

"This is why the Government is continuing to invest at record levels in vital infrastructure, implement its 10-year enterprise tax plan and defence industry plan and provide assistance to job seekers with its jobactive employment services programme - so that all Australians can take advantage of the emerging job opportunities of tomorrow.”