Release type: Speech


Jobs Australia National Conference


Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash
Minister for Employment
Minister for Women
Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for the Public Service
Senator for Western Australia


Good morning, everyone.

I am delighted to provide this message for the Jobs Australia National Conference.

As a Senator for Western Australia, I am well aware of the importance of jobs in local communities.

As Minister for Employment, I am working to build a strong and prosperous economy that promotes greater workforce participation and helps more job seekers to find and keep a job.

I know how important the members of Jobs Australia are in supporting unemployed and under-employed people into sustained work.

I am well aware of the effort you have put into tendering for jobactive contracts and then implementing and adapting to the new requirements.

There are also Indigenous employment providers transitioning to the new Community Development Programme, as well as Disability Employment Service providers who continue to support Australians with disability into work.

I thank you all for the important work you do.

I truly believe the best form of welfare assistance is a job.

It is vital that Australian job seekers have access to a world-class employment services system that helps them move beyond welfare.

The Government’s new employment services model - jobactive - is delivering by ensuring job seekers are becoming job ready.

The new service is making a real difference for tens of thousands of Australians.

By using jobactive to meet the recruitment needs of employers, we are giving them the confidence to expand their business,  generate new jobs and build a stronger economy.

We should always remember -it is employers - not governments - who create jobs.

And that is why this Government is committed to ensuring we have the appropriate policies in place to support employers who are looking to start up or expand their business.

As economies and market conditions evolve, it is our responsibility to respond quickly and effectively so we do not jeopardise job creation opportunities for business.

I am pleased that under this Government, more Australians are in work than ever before.

In my other portfolio responsibility as Minister for Women, I am committed to increasing women’s workforce participation and addressing issues of female leadership in the workplace.

If we are going to foster an environment of job creation, It is also vital that we continue to reduce red tape.

I understand the members of Jobs Australia need to be freed from red tape wherever possible.

This will ensure you can use your expertise and local connections to link job seekers to work opportunities and training that meet the needs of employers.

Overall, we need policy settings and frameworks designed for the 21st century, that build a strong economy by generating jobs, encouraging innovation and stimulating trade and infrastructure investment.

Prime Minister Turnbull recently said “there has never been a more exciting time to be an Australian”!

Well, in our era of rapid and fundamental change, I echo that sentiment in the context of the evolution of employment services.

I look forward to working with Jobs Australia and the member organisations and I wish you well with your discussions at this conference.