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Helping young people transition to work


Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash
Minister for Employment
Minister for Women
Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for the Public Service
Senator for Western Australia
Hon Dr Peter Hendy MP
Assistant Minister for Productivity
Member for Eden-Monaro

The Australian Government today announced 11 successful organisations that will help young people and early school leavers become work ready under the first round of the new Transition to Work programme.

Minister for Employment, Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash and Assistant Minister for Productivity and Federal Member for Eden-Monaro, the Hon Dr Peter Hendy MP visited Resort Trailers in Queanbeyan to announce the first organisations set to deliver the new Transition to Work service.

"This important initiative will ensure young job seekers aged 15-21 receive intensive support from community-based organisations with expertise in helping young people to develop their work-like skills," Minister Cash said.

Providers delivering Transition to Work are experienced in working with young people who may face greater barriers to entering the workforce. The programme will be delivered through individually tailored services to provide assistance with vocational skills development, purchase training, interview training and career advice.

Minister Cash said the Government is committed to supporting young people at risk of long term unemployment to move into work or education.

"The Coalition is not prepared to stand by while a generation of young Australians remain without gainful employment – the best form of welfare is a job and we are committed to ensuring that every young Australian who can work is able to find work."

"Evidence shows that young people who leave school early are most at risk of becoming long term unemployed and this service will provide intensive support to help them move into work or re-engage with education," Minister Cash said.

Transition to Work is part of the Australian Government’s Youth Employment Strategy, announced in the 2015-16 Budget.

Dr Peter Hendy said employers like Resort Trailers in Queanbeyan are strong supporters of providing jobseekers with employment opportunities by engaging with Government employment service providers.

"Measures such as Transition to Work equip young people with the work skills needed to contribute to the future workforce and productivity growth," Dr Hendy said.

"Participants will benefit from Transition to Work providers who have strong links to their local communities including employers, community services and schools."

The service will commence from February 2016 in the first seven employment regions which have been selected on the basis of high need:

  •  North and North Western Tasmania, TAS
  •  Darwin (includes Alice Springs), NT
  •  Perth South, WA
  •  Adelaide North, SA
  •  Barwon, VIC
  •  Cairns, QLD
  •  Far West Orana, NSW

Providers will be progressively announced in February for the remaining employment regions.

The $322 million Transition to Work service is one in a range of Government services to help young people get into work, including the:

  • Empowering YOUth Initiative to support young people at risk of welfare dependency into work by inviting not-for-profit community organisations to put forward proposals for innovative ideas that offer a different approach to those currently available.
  • Engaging Early School Leavers initiative which strengthens requirements for young job seekers aged 15-21 years who haven’t completed Year 12 to continue their education or look for work to receive the Youth Allowance.
  • Work for the Dole, part of jobactive, which helps people aged 18 and over gain the skills they need to become work-ready and make a contribution to their local community.
  • National Work Experience Programme which aims to build confidence and real life work experience for job seekers and prepare them to meet expectations of employers by undertaking unpaid work experience with businesses, not-for-profit and Government organisations for up to 25 hours per week for a maximum of four weeks per placement. 
  • Job Commitment Bonus which provides up to $6,500 to encourage Australians aged 18 to 30, who have been on certain income support payments for 12 months or more to find a job, keep it and stay off welfare.

A list of successful organisations under Round 1 is attached.

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Attachment - Successful organisations under Round 1

Transition to Work Provider

Employment Region

Northern Joblink Limited

North and North Western Tasmania, TAS


Darwin (includes Alice Springs), NT

N T Industry Training Bureau Inc.

Darwin (includes Alice Springs), NT

Communicare Inc

Perth South, WA


Perth South, WA

A4E Pty Ltd (Lead)

Whitelion Inc. (Member)

Adelaide North, SA


Adelaide North, SA

Workskil Australia Incorporated

Adelaide North, SA

G-Force Recruitment Ltd

Barwon, VIC

Vocational Partnerships Group Inc.

Cairns, QLD

Joblink Plus Limited

Far West Orana, NSW