Release type: Joint Media Release


Australia steps up on international education


Senator the Hon Richard Colbeck
Minister for Tourism and International Education
Minister Assisting the Minister for Trade and Investment

Today we launch three important strategies to underpin Australia’s international education sector, which is one of our largest services export industries and was worth more than $19 billion to the Australian economy in 2015.

As Australia transitions to a knowledge and servicebased economy, the Government’s innovative strategies will strengthen and grow our international education sector over the coming decade.

Being launched today are the National Strategy for International Education 2025; the Australia Global Alumni Engagement Strategy and the Australian International Education 2025 (AIE2025) market development roadmap.

The National Strategy for International Education 2025 will enable Australia’s international education sector to be more adaptive, innovative and globally engaged.

It will further strengthen our internationally recognised education system, increase global partnerships and drive collaboration with local communities and global partners.

Complementing the National Strategy, the AIE2025 roadmap will position Australia to capitalise on new opportunities and markets over the next decade.

More than 2.5 million international students have studied in Australia over the last fifty years, many of whom currently occupy positions of influence around the region.

The Australia Global Alumni Engagement Strategy will seek to leverage our Global Alumni to promote Australia’s diplomatic, trade and investment interests.

Together these three strategies will help the international education sector take advantage of global opportunities and continue to flourish, ensuring we remain a world leader into the future.