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High praise for HUB graduates


Senator the Hon Simon Birmingham
Assistant Minister for Education and Training
Liberal Senator for South Australia

The Macquarie Telecom Customer Technical Support Training Program held its graduation ceremony in Sydney today.

Assistant Minister for Education and Training Senator Simon Birmingham has highlighted the training offered at Macquarie Telecom as an example of targeted up-skilling that other Australian businesses could learn from.

“Macquarie’s customer contact centre, known as the HUB, is a nationally recognised service, staffed by an equally impressive team of tertiary graduates from a range of backgrounds and disciplines,” Senator Birmingham said.

“Today’s graduates have completed two years of specialised training through the Macquarie HUB, utilising the latest in technology and customer support and gaining valuable exposure to ICT/STEM skills within a practical business environment.

“The graduates that I have seen today will continue this great tradition of customer support and service delivery.”

Senator Birmingham also toured the Macquarie HUB facility with Macquarie Telecom Chief Operations Officer, Heather Tropman, who said Macquarie Telecom’s success was no accident.

“Our success is the result of hard work by people who combine their understanding of technology with a strong appreciation for our customers’ unique needs, and our training program is a reflection of that,” Mrs Tropman said.

“While other telcos have moved their customer support jobs offshore, Macquarie Telecom has done the opposite because we believe investing in local service is a key ingredient to getting to know our customers’ businesses and delivering exceptional customer service. We are now reaping the rewards in the business,” Macquarie Telecom Chief Executive David Tudehope said.

“Our customer satisfaction has soared -- measured using the Net Promoter Score, our performance has risen from +41 points to +56 – which we see flowing through to improved customer retention and higher profitability,” Mr Tudehope said.