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Learn. Earn. Legend! AFL Indigenous Employment Expo comes to Adelaide


Senator the Hon Mark Arbib
Minister for Indigenous Employment and Economic Development
Minister for Sport
Minister for Social Housing and Homelessness

The AFL Indigenous Career and Employment Expo in Adelaide today provided young Indigenous Australians with the opportunity to look at future education and job opportunities.

Member for Hindmarsh, Steve Georganas, representing the Minister for Indigenous Employment and Economic Development, Mark Arbib, today opened the expo, which is part of the Government’sLearn. Earn. Legend!program.

The Learn. Earn. Legend!program is about promoting the message for young Indigenous Australians to stay in school and aspire to good jobs so they can be legends in their communities,” Mr Georganas said.

“With the support of the AFL the expos provide a great environment for young people to talk about their post-school life.

“The best way to overcome Indigenous disadvantage is through encouraging young people to get an education and the skills they need to get long-term jobs.”

Mr Georganas said the expo was a great opportunity for young Indigenous Australians to meet their idols and see firsthand what you could achieve through hard work and determination.

“These players are proof that with drive and dedication you can succeed in your chosen path, whether that is on the sporting field, in the office or on a building site,” Mr Georganas said.

“It’s fantastic that the AFL and the players have put their hands up to be role models for future generations of Indigenous Australians.”

Senator Arbib said the Australian Government was committed to Closing the Gap on Indigenous disadvantage.

Part of this commitment is to halve the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous unemployment within a decade.

“The AFL has done a fantastic job in organising and supporting theLearn. Earn. Legend!Expo and I congratulate them in their efforts to close the gap on Indigenous disadvantage,” Senator Arbib said.