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Review of national vocational education legislation

Assistant Minister for Vocational Education and Skills Karen Andrews today announced a major review of the legislative framework governing the regulation of Australia’s VET sector.

“I have appointed Valerie Braithwaite, Professor at the Australian National University’s School of Regulation and Global Governance, to lead the review of the National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011 (NVETR Act),” Minister Andrews said.

“This independent review supports the Australian Government’s significant improvements to the quality and reputation of the VET sector.

“A review of the NVETR Act will determine if the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) has appropriate legislative capacity to efficiently and effectively regulate the sector.

“The regulator must have powers to act swiftly to protect students, employers and the public against providers that don’t meet high quality standards,” Minister Andrews said.

“It will also evaluate if ASQA’s functions and powers are consistent with best regulatory practice and how well the system meets the needs of industry and students.

“I expect a report from Professor Braithwaite by the end of the year. I look forward to her findings and any recommendations to amend the NVETR Act and associated regulatory framework.

“Any changes to strengthen ASQA’s regulatory approach will fuel the Government’s efforts to maintain a high-quality VET sector that works for students, employers and taxpayers.”